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Cover for Figor Book One

All right! I’m on the calendar for releases. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I’m releasing a minimum of one book per month this year, but the majority are in two of my other author names. This will be the first release under this name since late 2014.

I don’t have an official blurb worked up, but here are the basics:

UPDATED Summer 2018 (It got put off a year)

Book cover for Figor Book One
Available at:

Fan The Embers


It’s 2096, Earth is relatively new to the intragalactic game, and 18-year-old Earthen Hugh MacGivens thinks he’s going to spend a few months on a distant world with his ambassador parents. Instead, he steps onto the planet to find he’s Earth’s selection for solidifying an alliance with the genderless people of Figor—by mating with a local.

Trend a’Bahn is ready for xys life to begin. Xe wants to gain an apprenticeship to a master builder and find xys mate in claiming season. Never would xe have expected an attraction to an offworlder.

While the two navigate claiming season, an undercurrent in Figor emerges. They don’t like anything non-Figorian and they hate what Hugh represents. As peaceful as Figorians are, a fire has been lit. If their beloved Empeer won’t stop such a mating from occurring, they will take care of it themselves.

Hugh came to Figor for a few months and possibly the rest of his life. If they have their say, his life ends now.

Sci-fi, fantasy, and all that jazz

I started off in sci-fi/fantasy. I was making up fantastical tales from the time I was a child. Under my other names, I will continue to write romance, but I’m thrilled to also be going back to my roots, so to speak.

Currently I’ve finished the drafts of two new projects that will be published under this name – or a derivation thereof. One is military/paranormal and is 102k currently in its 3rd draft. No romance whatsoever. It’s more mainstream with a huge dash of paranormal/fantasy because that’s the way I roll.

The second project I’m thrilled to talk about is the first in what will either be a 2 or 3 book series. It’s a combo of genres. Young Adult, light sci-fi, suspense, and the romance pairing is male/non-binary. I’ve got the cover created and am working on the marketing copy. Once I have a release date, I’ll fill you in with all of the above 😉

For now, I’ve got releases each month under my other pseudonyms. I’m guessing the second project will be released this fall, but until I’m sure I won’t name a date. I’m unsure of when the first project will be complete. Once editing is done and finished, I’ll need to make the decision on whether to pitch it to an agent or to self pub. Since I’m on the self pub train at the moment, I’m leaning toward that, but we’ll see.

Current release roster for 2017: (Pseudonym)
January: Released – Vespar (Thianna Durston)
January: Released – Sizzling Attraction (Thianna D.)
February: Released – Ye Olde Kinke Faire (Thianna D.)
March: Released – Don’t Mess With His Pack (Thianna Durston)
April 13: Released – A Shifter, A Vampire, & A Fae Walk Into A Bar (Thianna D.)
May 18: Making His Stand (Thianna Durston)
June 15: Knight in Shining Jaguar (Thianna D.)
July 13: Light in the Dark Night (Bree Cariad)
August 17: On The Edge of Fear (Thianna D.)
Sept 14: All They Ever Needed series. (Thianna Durston)
October & November are still up for grabs – it’s deciding between mybooks. I’m very close to naming my New Adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy book for November. Cross your fingers.

Just a little energy work for #8sunday #YA #metaphysics #fantasy

Hello Weekend Writing Warriors 🙂 As usual,it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. But I thought I’d share a bit from my young adult fantasy/metaphysical novel: Tryad.


“Kaylee Marin Stephens! Get down from there!” my mother hissed, standing in that pose mothers the world over had perfected. Feet spread more than shoulder-width apart, partially bent forward, with her hands on her abundant hips, Mom looked more like a general berating her troops than a mother trying to get her daughter down from the roof.

With a loud sigh, I closed my eyes and imagined myself standing in front of her. The moment my toes sunk into the grass, she hissed again. “Go to your room. When your father comes home, I’m going to send him up to deal with you. Just because they taught you that you could do anything does not mean you should levitate anywhere you please.”


Book Cover: Tryad
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Out of Print

A sixty-eight #8sunday #ya #metaphysical #romance #humor #paranormal #wewriwa

Hello Weekend Writing Warriors 🙂

I keep forgetting to sign up. Whoops! Anyway, thought I would give you a snippet from Tryad, my young adult metaphysical romance that came out the end of last year. Here, Kaylee is introduced to, well…Heath’s pride and joy. If she can only figure out why.

~ ~ ~


“Shall we go?”
Nodding, I walked out, closing the door behind me and followed him down our drive to an old black car with a really loud muffler. “What is it?” I asked Vane.

“A sixty-eight. Heath built it from the ground up. It’s his baby.” Vane opened up the passenger door and pulled the front seat forward for me, obviously assuming I would know what a sixty-eight was. I climbed into the back of the rumbling car, feeling a bit trapped, and yet not about to admit I had no idea.


~ ~ ~
Book Cover: Tryad
Available at:



Out of Print

Now off you go to read some amazing snippets from even more amazing authors. 🙂

1 day until Tryad’s release @limitlessbooks #ya #romance #humor #metaphysics #fantasy

1 days until Tryad is released. How about another Kaylee’ism?

Guys definitely have it easier

Book One, The Tryad Series
Available tomorrow
Kaylee thought learning energy work was fun, especially as it got her from here to there with barely a thought. 
Back from energy camp for her junior year in high school, her carefree use of energy is noted by two new teenagers in town: Heath and Vane. 
Annoyed at and attracted to them at the same time, she doesn’t expect to find out the three of them are part of a Tryad. When all three energies combine, nothing can stop them from doing anything they want.
The more the three of them interact, the more intense their energy.
When a man intent on controlling them attacks, they flee to train together. 
Until he kidnaps Kaylee’s parents… 
With no time to prepare, Heath, Vane, and Kaylee must face this man and try to rescue her parents before it’s too late.