Book Cover: Tryad

This book will be out of print mid-Autumn 2019.

Publisher: Limitless Publishing

Kaylee thought learning energy work was fun, especially as it got her from here to there with barely a thought.

Back from energy camp for her junior year in high school, her carefree use of energy is noted by two new teenagers in town: Heath and Vane.

Annoyed at and attracted to them at the same time, she doesn’t expect to find out the three of them are part of a Tryad. When all three energies combine, nothing can stop them from doing anything they want.

The more the three of them interact, the more intense their energy.

When a man intent on controlling them attacks, they flee to train together.

Until he kidnaps Kaylee’s parents…

With no time to prepare, Heath, Vane, and Kaylee must face this man and try to rescue her parents before it’s too late.