In Search of the Drasta

Book Cover: In Search of the Drasta

In Search of the Drasta is out of print in its current state. Once it’s rewritten, it will be back in publication with a new cover.

Some days it just doesn’t pay to be brilliant. Braun Tapesh is the chief scientist for the planet E’Loi and is happy to tell anyone who happens to be standing near him that it is he who saved his planet.

Despite his advanced scientific knowledge, Braun makes a small mistake and unwillingly finds himself on a rescue mission to find the Drasta—the last true Eloim female born on the planet. Unwillingly thrown into his own science experiment, he is tossed across the universe in a special chamber he created. Much to his dismay, he is transported into the body of a university student and must learn to eat Earth food and adjust to life on a college campus—all while still focusing on his important mission to locate the Drasta and bring her home. Soon, he is traveling from planet-to-planet with two humans, a princess, and a half-dwarf in tow. But someone else is on the same mission and will do anything to snatch the Drasta first.

Just when Braun wonders what could possibly be worse, he realizes he never should have asked.