What is having it all? #LiveYourTrueLife

We think having it all means the right house with the right job and the right partner.

But that’s just the window dressing.

That’s not having it all.

Having it all is being true to who you are, of being able to be out and unashamed about it. Its about realizing that you are okay as you are. Not because of who you try to be.

As you open up to who you are, you may be scared because ‘who will i be if I’m not the person I’ve been?’

Guess what? It is the person you’ve always been. You probably just covered it up or tried to ignore it.

I’ve tried to hide that person for decades. And once i recognized one part, became comfortable with it, and let it out, the rest is pushing forward to be recognized, to be accepted.

Yes, I’m taking baby steps to be OUT about all the different truths about me, but I’m accepting it for myself first. Making peace to it. Making love to it. Embracing it and making it fully a part of me before I put it out there. Then if people don’t like it? That’s their problem. I’ve made peace with it. It’s me. If they can’t accept that, then they will move on.

I know there are many people out there going through the same thing.

Have it all by accepting who you really are.