Just a little energy work for #8sunday #YA #metaphysics #fantasy 11

Hello Weekend Writing Warriors 🙂 As usual,it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. But I thought I’d share a bit from my young adult fantasy/metaphysical novel: Tryad.


“Kaylee Marin Stephens! Get down from there!” my mother hissed, standing in that pose mothers the world over had perfected. Feet spread more than shoulder-width apart, partially bent forward, with her hands on her abundant hips, Mom looked more like a general berating her troops than a mother trying to get her daughter down from the roof.

With a loud sigh, I closed my eyes and imagined myself standing in front of her. The moment my toes sunk into the grass, she hissed again. “Go to your room. When your father comes home, I’m going to send him up to deal with you. Just because they taught you that you could do anything does not mean you should levitate anywhere you please.”



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