It’s time to live your true life

Whose life is this?

Someone, at some time, somewhere, decided that ‘this’ is life. In our time, part of those decisions were started in the 1800s when the middling sorts started, well… meddling.

We get a lot of “Don’t do this…” or “Don’t do that…” or “You must do it this way…” Especially as children. What ‘this’ we should be is drummed into our heads. I think our parents did their best with what they knew – they were just doing what their parents did: Tried to make the best life for their child.

The problem with that is simple: The only one who knows what the best life for the child is – is the child. They just aren’t mature enough to understand that as from the time of their birth, YOUR birth, you were told exactly what your parents wanted you to learn.

Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Get a college education. Get a good job. Date the right person. blah, blah, blah. They may have had the best intentions, but if that isn’t the life you were meant to live? You’re going to end up with tons of problems for the next 90+ years.

I won’t even go into the pressure society puts on us to conform to very specific life plans.

I’ve lived that life. I hated that life. I failed at that life. Again. And again. And again. Until I started living MY life. It’s taken almost a decade for me to figure out a lot of things and thanks to all the teachers who have gone before me and the inspiration I’ve received from the universe, I get it. It’s about living MY life. Mine, not the life someone else planned for me – and believe me, I’ve tried to live that life more times than I can remember and it never worked.

Whose life are you living?

Have you ever thought about whose live you are living? You. It is your life. Your time. Your job. Your career. Your relationship. Your home. Your life. But are you living it? Or are you doing what you were told to do from the time you were born?

Don’t know? I didn’t either. But ask yourself this:

  • Is life good?
  • Are you happy? (not just forced happy but a genuine happy that comes naturally)
  • Does life flow for you? Or do you keep coming to abrupt stops?
  • Do things just work out? Or do you keep hitting roadblocks?
  • In a relationship that fulfills you? Or one that drags you down?
  • In a career that brings you joy? Or do you keep losing/quitting it because it doesn’t fulfill you?

Don’t you think it’s time you started living the life you are meant to live instead of the one someone else designed for you?

My name is Cynthia Kimball – my friends call me Thia – and I want to help you live the life you were meant to live. A life that makes you smile to get up every morning. A life that gives you joy.

Ready to live your life?

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