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Hi Everyone 🙂 I keep forgetting to sign up for bloghops. So I figured I’d try the Sundays’ Six of the Best where authors post 6 paragraphs of their work.

This snippet is from the very beginning of Your Dimension or Mine?


“…and of course there is the effect on the economy…”

Sighing, Ari blinked her eyes and stared at the man seated directly across from her. He was still talking. And eating. From the moment they were seated at the private table for two in the neighborhood’s newest restaurant, Jay had been stuffing his face. Or talking. Sometimes he attempted multi-tasking and did them both at the same time. When that happened, Ari wanted to ask their waiter for a splatter guard but worried it would come across as rude.

“These damned politicians just don’t know anything,” he finished his newest rant, taking a big gulp of wine before letting out a belch.

If only Ma Nature would choose this moment to send a tsunami our way, she thought. Of course, the possibility of that happening was less than zero. The closest they got were flash floods in August. It was January.

“Have you noticed the price of gas?” Jay asked, munching on a breadstick as the waiter removed his salad plate and replaced it with a large bowl of soup. Without waiting for her to acknowledge his question, he launched into a diatribe about fixing prices and the state of pigs…or at least that was what she thought he said.

Letting her mind drift, Ari tried to remember why she accepted this date in the first place. Oh, that’s right—her sister Jane set it up without asking. Well, it wasn’t the first time. Ever since she entered college, Jane had taken it upon herself to introduce her little sister to men just like her husband Tony.


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