My Sexy Mystery #MySexySaturday #bloghop 2

Okay, so I haven’t posted in like forever. I figured maybe a bloghop might be the way to get my social media and writing back into gear.

So, this particular bloghop has a different theme each week. The one this week is My Sexy Mystery. As I’m writing a cozy mystery, I thought I would give you 7 paragraphs from it. Currently untitled. The town of Covington Bay is filled with all sorts of memorable places with even more memorable characters.

An urgent meeting was called at the Sip’n’Squat coffee shop so all the business owners are there.

* * *

The Sip’n’Squat was filled with people when she arrived. Josephine waved and pointed at an empty seat next to her. Relieved she wouldn’t have to take the only other empty spot she saw next to Gretchen, Trill made her way through the crowd and sat down. “So what’s the meeting for?” she asked.
“Heck if I know. I was closing up and Ava informed me she’d called a meeting for tonight.” Josephine grunted. “Means I have to clean up twice.”
With a grimace, Trill nodded. That sucked. Because Ava insisted, no doubt, that people be allowed to buy coffee while they were here. Well, actually, she probably tried to get her to offer the coffee for free, but there was no way Josephine could afford to do that.
A few people sent strange looks their way. “Why are they looking at us like that?”
Josephine shook her head. “No idea. Someone’s got a bug up their ass about something. Maybe they’re pissed about the proposed stop sign.”
“Yeah, you’ve been pushing that for a while now. But it does make sense.” The avenue was long with no stops whatsoever. During most of the year, that wasn’t a problem. But once summer came and the tourists descended en masse, traffic was a bear. Add in all the people crossing the street and it became a logistics problem. Josephine had been gunning for one stop sign to give people a place to cross. The townies had fought it for three years but finally it was on board for approval. 
At seven on the dot, Ava stood up and walked to the front of the room. She stood up to her full five feet two inch height, put her fists on her protuberant hips and declared, “We’ve got a murderer in our midst.”

That’s all for now. The book still has a long way to go, but hopefully having a weekly bloghop will kick me into gear to finish it.

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  • Cole Jennings

    Thanks for sharing! I'm intrigued to find out where this is going. For some reason I've been fascinated with the name Josephine since I was a child, but I rarely come across it. So needless to say I'm double intrigued due to that aspect.

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