Just an update

Busy, busy, busy…that seems to be my chant lately. I’m working on Tryad #2, but I’m also thinking of self-pubbing the dystopian book I wrote 2 years ago. It isn’t my usual style, I will admit. For one thing – it is multiple POV, to the point of head hopping which anyone who knows me knows I try and stay away from, and yet this story just lent itself to it.

I just haven’t decided yet. So, anyone got a vote? Interested in reading a young adult, paranormal, dystopian story? It will either be published as 3 novellas or 1 supernovel. I’m leaning toward the novellas because that is how I originally wrote it.

If I don’t publish it, I will put it in what I call my ‘bottomless pit’ folder – where stories go and never come back out. It would be a shame for this story never to see the light of day, but  after my umpteenth rejection on it, I’m beginning to think there isn’t an audience for it.

So, what do you think? Is there interest? Or should I just toss it?