Today is June 1…so what does that mean?

What does the fact of today being June 1st have to do with anything? Well, let me tell you.

In 30 days, JulNoWriMo starts. Two years ago I did my first JulNoWriMo, barely made 50,000 words and practically collapsed when it was over. Since then, I’ve been writing a LOT more. Last year I went for 50k and ended up with 210k. In March I went for 100k in MarNoWriMo and ended up with 226k.

So now I knuckle down over the next month, getting the little things done in preparation for the month I won’t be around. Because I’ll be writing, writing, writing, writing, writing…

This July I’ve set my goal for 150k. Yes, I do set relatively conservative goals considering past precedent, but I have more than just writing going on this summer. Some major changes in my life that are more important than writing. (Can you believe I actually said that?)

I can’t promise to update my status bar daily, but I do update my excel spreadsheet daily and when I come online will update my numbers.

Happy writing!

My hint? Have a month’s supply of Pepsi on hand 😉