Scheduling a Permalink in Blogger

I have noticed when authors and even bloggers go to join blog hops there seems to be a large issue with links being incorrect when all is said and done. I don’t know quite why that is, excepting maybe someone creates their permalink and yet the post isn’t supposed to go live until the next month…at which point there is an extra step one must take when scheduling their post to be sure they get the correct URL to post into the bloghop.

(You should NEVER just use the main URL of your blog. People don’t necessarily visit exactly that day and could become annoyed if they visit two days later and cannot find the specific post that went with that particular bloghop.)

So, here is a quick and easy lesson on how to schedule your post so that the link is correct in blogger:

1. Start a new post.

2. Type in your Post Title

3. Schedule the date (I chose a date for the current month. I am creating the post May 2014)
4. Create the Permalink (Choose Link/Permalink – Blogger uses both depending on whether you have a G+ account or not – and Custom) Then create your permalink. Once you click Done, it will show up under Permalink) Note the address. It shows the year/month/address I created.
5. Click Save and go back to Posts. Note the date it is set to be scheduled.
6. Click edit to edit the post
7. Here is where you were. But we are going to make a change.
8. Change the date to in the future – make sure it is a future month (Note that even though you have changed the date, the Permalink still has the same year/month/address I created.) Click Save.
9. Note the new date is now listed beside the post. Click Edit post.
10. Now note that the year/month/address I created has changed to match the new scheduled month. It will do the same with year as well. Now it is ready for you to sign up for a bloghop. 
Just use your main URL (In my case and add the URL in the Permalink field : /2014/06/scheduling-permalink-in-blogger.html (Just highlight and copy – Ignore the preceding slash) Combine the two together and you have which is the URL this would stay if I was posting this in June. As I’m posting it in May, it will become
I hope this helps you to create permalinks that work for future blog posts.