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Hey, Weekend Writing Warriors. Hope you are having a fantastic weekend. I know I am πŸ™‚

Your Dimension Or Mine? was released this last Monday as a pre-release and is available on Amazon. So what else would I share with you?

This week I am giving you a little snippet from about halfway through the novel. Ari has been transported to Dimension Zeta to be trained by Mayir in magic to get rid of a pesky demon who wants to control her for the rest of her life. The only problem? Mayir doesn’t explain, he just expects.

* * * * * *

β€œYou are to bring grass into life where there is none.”
After a few minutes of nothing, she asked, β€œAnd just how am I supposed to do that?”
Rolling her eyes, she glared into the dirt. β€œDid Abigail not inform you I know nothing of magic?”
β€œThat matters not. You will bring it to life because you can. When you have finished, you will come back.”

* * * * * *

Your Dimension Or Mine?
Dating Service Series
Pre-Release: Now on Amazon: Ebook | Print
Worldwide Release: May 16, 2014

When Ari Reynolds signed up for an online dating service, she only did it to get her sister off her back about her dateless life. She never expected to be contacted by men from other dimensions or have a demon claim ownership of her through a magical DNA contract. Now that her eyes are open, she is catapulted to Dimension Zeta. There, a powerful Fae named Mayir trains her to defend herself against the mysterious Orion.

Even more confusing, she finds herself falling for Terrian, a man from an entirely different dimension. Terrian promises to help defend her, but when Orion steals something of great importance to her, she must stand alone against him. Can a mere human fight off the magical control of an immortal being who wants her more than anything?

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