We were going dutch? #8sunday 11

Is everyone enjoying reading these Weekend Warrior posts? I am!

Here is another snippet from my upcoming Your Dimension Or Mine? (Releasing on Amazon January 27th!)

This is from the first chapter – Ari has really bad luck with dates, or to be exact, blind dates that her sister sets her up on. This one has been the worst of the worst. And how it ends? Definitely memorable.


She had just taken her seat and was drumming her fingers on the table when the waiter walked up. This time there was no doubt as to the pity on his face. “The guy you were with had to leave and asked that I give this to you.” He handed her a folded piece of paper.
Relieved she didn’t have to do the leaving, she nodded, and opened up the paper to see what kind of excuse he would have left for his departure. Instead of a note, she found herself staring at the bill for their dinner. “So, he decided we were going dutch,” she chuckled, grabbing her bag. Boy, her sister sure knew how to pick them.
“No, actually he said you would be paying for the whole bill.”


Your Dimension Or Mine?
The Dating Service Series
Release: January 27, 2014 on Amazon
Release: May 2014 Worldwide

When Ari Reynolds signed up for an online dating service, she only did it to get her sister off her back about her dateless life. She never expected to be contacted by men from other dimensions or have a demon claim ownership of her through a magical DNA contract. Now that her eyes are open, she is catapulted to Dimension Zeta. There, a powerful Fae named Mayir trains her to defend herself against the mysterious Orion.

Even more confusing, she finds herself falling for Terrian, a man from an entirely different dimension. Terrian promises to help defend her, but when Orion steals something of great importance to her, she must stand alone against him. Can a mere human fight off the magical control of an immortal being who wants her more than anything?

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