Cover Reveal for new Dating Service Novel

I am very excited to show you the cover for Your Dimension or Mine? my new dating service novel.

Your Dimension Or Mine?
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
(Release Date TBD)

My first dating service novel L’Amore Perfetto was a wonderful fairy tale.

In Your Dimension Or Mine?, Ari Reynolds is a 28-yr-old independent woman who is just fine on her own, thank you very much. She joins a few dating services to get family off her back. This should have been easy.

Instead, next thing she knows, she is having to jump dimensions to stay out of the grasp of an evil demon who has magical claim to women in her line and wants her. While trying to stay out of Orion’s clutches, she has to deal with a surly Fae whose sole job it is to teach her to defend herself against magical attack and her growing attraction for Terrian, a man from a completely different dimension.

Dating just became a lot more complicated.

Unofficial blurb:

When Ari Reynolds signed up for an online dating service, she only did it to get her sister off her back about her dateless life. She did not expect to be contacted by men from other dimensions, find out that she herself did not belong in her own dimension and have a demon claim ownership of her through a magical DNA contract she did not even know existed. Now that her eyes have been opened, she is catapulted to Dimension Zeta to be trained by a magically powerful Fae named Mayir in defending herself against Orion from one of the demon realms. As if things could not get any more confusing, she finds herself falling for a man from an entirely different dimension – one who promises to help defend her. But when Orion steals something of great importance to her, she must stand alone against him. Can one mere human truly fight off the magical control of an immortal being who wants her more than he has wanted anyone else?