138,848 and marching on #IAN1

Hey everyone! Thought I would give you an update on my JulNoWriMo month. My original goal was 100k words. I met that July 14th so I elected to double my goal to 200k.

Currently I am at 138,848 words and going strong. I am pretty sure I will reach my 200k goal by July 31st. I have 2.5 novellas written of the same story line. When I am done, there will be 4 and I plan to combine them into two YA novels. These are different than anything I have ever written because while there is the occasional humor I write into all my stories, the events that happen to the individuals in these stories are not fun, not nice, and are quite horrific at times. Who knew I could write about a Dystopian society? This is one of those stories that needs to be told as I have not been able to switch to anything else.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful July.