Six Sentence Sunday 4

Hi fellow sixers! Enjoying today’s group of wonderful six’s? Who knew 6 was such a wonderful number?

Today I am sharing a small bit from one of my WIPs. This is another dating service story. A few weeks ago I shared with you the beginning of Ari’s date from hell with Jay, the man who talks and eats at the same time. This is from a little further on in the date.

“So, Arrrrwin,” Jay said, growling the ‘r’ like a pirate while pronouncing her given name wrong. Against her better judgment, she tuned back into the conversation. “Jane tells me you were a bit crazy in college.” He winked at her and leered.

As she fought back the food that wanted to come back up her esophagus, she caught the look of pity from a woman one table over. Obviously Jay’s voice carried. 

If you think this date is bad, you should see some of the other men her sister has set her up with. The woman has seriously bad taste in men.

My first dating service story is L’Amore Perfetto, which is available in both e and Print formats.

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