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L’Amore Perfetto is a charming romance for someone who doesn’t want a difficult/complicated premise – and for those who want to feel teary and say “ahhhh” when the ending comes. A recent reader told me that she was suggesting it to all her high school and college friends. Another reader is in her 50s and adored it.

This scene is in the first chapter where our heroine is being pressured by her roommate to apply to L’Amore Perfetto, a dating service. Nicki decides to get something out of it and suggests they made a deal.

“What kind of a deal?” she asked, walking into the room.

“Well if,” I emphasized the word, “I apply to this L’Amore Perfetto, you have to agree to something.”

“Agree to what?” she asked, narrowing her eyes. I hadn’t expected her to agree right away, but I was disappointed nonetheless.

“If I apply and don’t get accepted,” I said slowly, “then you need to agree to never set me up again. Or insist I go out to bars and clubs,” I tacked on quickly.

Very smart, Nicki,  but will Kristen accept? Find out in L’Amore Perfetto!

Book Description:
Romance meets a modern-day fairy-tale.
Nicki hates to date; the whole putting herself out there night after night after night is not her thing. Unfortunately, her roommate is the exact opposite. When Kristen comes up with her newest man-catching ploy, joining a discriminating dating service that accepts less than 5% of its female applicants, Nicki sees an opportunity and gets Kristen to agree that if she applies and does not get accepted, that Kristen won’t bug her about going out for nine months.
Full steam ahead, she jumps into the multi-step application process. Each step increases her desire to make it to the next one and when she makes it, she is thrown into a world she didn’t know existed. Will she falter in this new life or will she make it to the end and meet her soul mate?
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