Six Sentence Sunday

Hi again! Time for another 6 Sentence Sunday!

I had to decide between giving you more L’Amore Perfetto, some more In Search of the Drasta, or to give you a peak into another WIP.  Then I remembered… I have a tiny article out that I wrote called ‘Choose to Know’. It was something I found through trial and error when I worked hard at the Law of Attraction and found myself continually hitting a wall and not gaining what I was trying to attract. When I came across this tiny little thing and it began to work for me, I wrote it out to share with others.

After studying the law of attraction for 9 months, I came up with something that works incredibly well when my brain laughs at any affirmation (or afformation) I create.

It is hard to believe and indeed know that something will work out, especially when your brain keeps laughing at you whenever you say it. And when your brain laughs, it is hard to put out the correct vibration to attract whatever you are going after. With four little words, you can stop that laughter. What are those four little words, you ask? Simple.

You can purchase the article through PayPal and immediately have access.