Six Sentence Sunday 4

Here is this week’s Six Sentence Sunday! Be sure and check the others out as well:)

This week I am giving you a sneak peek into a WIP of mine. Top Secret shhhh. lol This is the very first paragraph in a new young adult novel I am writing.

“The whole building was filled with the kind of excitement that only the last day of school could bring. Hundreds of eyes, student and teacher alike, stared at the clock that sat far up on the wall of every classroom. As the second-hand reached fifteen seconds to go, students the whole school over began to gather their notebooks, pens, and jackets in preparation for their freedom. All except for seven classrooms in the east wing. They were excited for a far different reason. Soon they would learn where they would go to high school and for every one of them – it felt as though they had waited their entire lives for this.”

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