1 hour, that is all that I ask.

I cannot believe the holiday season is already here. Thanksgiving is past and Christmas and New Years are barreling down on us like some huge avalanche.

Where did July go?

And why is Christmas staring me in the eyes.

My mother is big into Christmas and gift giving and the whole family blah, blah, blah. I would prefer to go to a cabin in the middle of the woods with my significant other on Dec 21st and not come out until January 2nd. But then – I’ve always been a bit of a mole. Hide away from the world. Plus, tons of us time.

This year I did something different. I decorated – in a way. I strung two sets of Christmas lights around my room. Now, one is a regular set and the other? Flamingos. How can you not smile when looking at  set of tacky flamingo holiday lights?

The next month will be filled with stress, both from the season and the fact that the energy field will be filled with stress from those around us. How about this?

Everyone go grab a coffee, sit in a coffee house with your best friend every day at 2pm (wherever you are) for an hour? Just for that one hour de-stress, laugh, kid and enjoy yourself. Just for that one hour, your entire energy field will be relaxed without any issues. I think the rest of the day would be bare-able if we had that hour.

So who’s with me? Starbucks on 72nd at 2pm?

See you there;)