Six Sentence Sunday 3

Next week I will be back with more sentences from L’Amore Perfetto, but this week, I thought I would share a blurb from my green book.

I used to hate cleaning, mainly because of the caustic fumes, the way my hands would feel afterward (even when wearing gloves), and the knowledge of the man-made poisons I was using in my house. One day, I decided, NO WAY! and startedĀ researchingĀ green ways to clean my home. I tweaked the few that I found, created more, and used those recipes to create Green Cleaning.

For this six sentence sunday, I am giving you a recipe for my spider repellent sachet for your home.

For the spider repellent sachet, you will need cheesecloth, string, cedar shavings, 5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil and 5 drops of Tea Tree Oil. Cut large squares (double strength) of cheesecloth and place cedar shavings in the center. Add Lavender and Tea Tree Oils. Tie up with string. Place under the sink, in cupboards, anywhere spiders roam. When scent weakens, shake and add a few more drops of oil.

Book Description:

Ever wanted to throw out all those caustic cleaning chemicals? Well, now you can. Green Cleaning will show you how you can clean your home with products such as Baking Soda and Lemon Juice, Vinegar and Lavender. Now you can clean your home, knowing that:

You can save money!
Your family is safe from chemicals
You are helping the Earth! (no more chemicals entering our food and water supply)
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