I know it has been forever since I posted… well, forever in online-land. I have just been so incredibly busy!

First, I have been editing for a friend who is self-publishing like crazy, so that has kept me busy.

I have also been involved with JulNoWrMo. If you aren’t familiar with it. JulNoWrMo is a contest of sorts where each writer is challenged to write a 50,000 word book, story, whatever in one month. So far I have over 100,000 words written for this month, though that number count is spread between several different novels.

My sales are slowly increasing and I am grateful for that! I am still working toward my goal of selling 1000+ copies of my books by July 31st! I have a ways to go to get there. Wanna help? Check out my books! Links to their Amazon sales page are at the bottom of the descriptions!

Thanks so much for your support!