The Ever-growing pile…

I suppose other writers are like I am – an avid reader. I’ve been reading since before I could actually read. Yes, I had one of those mothers who would read a book to me, the Original Winnie the Pooh as a matter of fact and I would follow along as she did.

Since that time, I have read voraciously. For six years I worked at a bookstore and let me tell you – most of my paycheck went to my book addiction.

Now I find myself in the wonderful arena of being a published author. My time is taken up with marketing my books, writing new stuff, editing, writing on my blog, as well as helping some friends of mine who are starting to self-publish.

Does that mean I buy fewer books? NO! I buy more than I ever have before – but the problem is I don’t have┬áthe┬átime to read them all. At least I don’t have to buy more bookshelves. Thanks to the wonder that is Kindle and Nook, all those books are taking up space on my Samsung Tablet.

But that doesn’t mean that I am free of the guilt that comes from a library full of books I haven’t read. Every time I look at my Tablet, I can practically see all the books glaring at me, waiting for me to do what I promised when I bought them – read.

As much as I miss reading like I used to, right now I must admit I am having the time of my life writing, editing, marketing, and writing some more.

Don’t worry little electronic books – I will get to you yet! If for no other reason… sometimes I need to rest my brain while still getting something worthwhile into it. And I do not do TV. The wonderful world of books has too much going for it.

Go on… pick up a book. You know you want to;)