Need to make more time

Some say time is finite, some say it is a fallacy – that time was created by humans but does not truly exist.

I don’t know that I subscribe to either thought, but I do know that I never seem to have enough time to read all the stuff I want to read. My Tablet is backed up with Nook and Kindle books I want to read and review, my bookshelves are overloaded with books I love that I would like to re-read. And yet, I don’t have time for them.

There is a truism that you have to make time for the stuff you truly believe in, so I guess I will need to add to my lists – “Read for an hour a day”

Erg. Speaking of lists, I need to go write mine for today. I need a list writer. I do the list pretty well once written, but writing it? That is like planning my day and I truly enjoy living an unplanned life.

*sigh* Where was I? Oh yes, back to writing…