Genre-Jumping. The New Sport? 1

Authors can get into a rut – I know I do all the time – which is why I enjoy genre-jumping. Sounds like a sport, doesn’t it?

Maybe it should become an Olympic event!

Sports Announcer 1:

Yes, folks, and now up is Cynthia Kimball. She is planning on doing the long jump from humorous fantasy to a political thriller. Can she do it? Here she goes folks, watch her write… Look at how her hand flies across the page.

Sports Announcer 2:

Wait, do I see a joke on that page?

Sports Announcer 1:

Why yes, John, looks like while you can take the girl out of the genre, you can’t take the genre out of the girl…

I love writing different genres, just as I enjoy reading them. But the one thing that stays is my quirky sense of humor. My fiction work is rife with it. My current published works: L’Amore Perfetto and In Search of the Drasta are humorous from beginning to end. Not to mention the amount of manuscripts I have finished that are just sitting there taunting me. They are filled with humor as well.

Except two.

Those two books were the hardest for me to write and I am still not happy with them – thus why they are hiding under a pile of… whatever that is. But am I unhappy because they just did not turn out well? Or because they are missing humor? I’m not sure and am not really in the mood to shrink my own head (or is that what a blog truly is?)

For the foreseeable future I can say that all you will see published from me will have humor. But as a woman I hold true to the statement that I can change my mind at any time. And usually do.

Now, where was that notebook about inter-dimensional breeding practices?

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