Even editors make mistakes. Authors even worse sometimes.

Edit: After much thinking, ruminating, and biting of fingernails, I read a tweet by Catherine Russell @darkness6601 after I asked what others thought I should do. She said “Do what’s right for the integrity of your book”. Well to keep the integrity, I needed to change Il Amore Perfetto to L’Amore Perfetto. Otherwise, it just was not right to me. I submitted the changes and they should be live within 12 hours.

Once again, Thanks Paolo for bringing this to my attention!

Former Post:

There are a lot of complaints against books that are published without being “edited”. True, there are some ghastly books, but the fact is, even with editors getting their hands on a book, it does not mean it will come out perfectly clean.

Want proof? Open any book by any publisher. I can almost guarantee you will find at least one if not more issues that were not caught by an editor.

Now, this is not to degrade editing. Editors do a great job! Can’t live through a book-writing process without an editor! But, even they can overlook something.

Why am I writing this? My book Il Amore Perfetto – well, I was just told of a rather HUGE issue with it. This is basically a “too late now” now that it has been published kind of issue, though if I take it to print, I will surely fix it.

What is the issue? In Italian, nouns are either masculine or feminine.

My Italian professor, Signorina Friga would yell at me for an hour probably for the mistake I made. It is so simple, I completely overlooked it. Again, what is the issue? Amore is feminine, not masculine. This is something the average English-speaking person would not know, but I find it a rather embarrassing blunder – and its mine, all mine.

So the title of the book and dating agency should be L’Amore Perfetto. *palm to face*

Scusate il mio italiano. E ‘male.