a word or three about fanfiction

There are a lot of people out there who look down on, make fun of, and bluntly disregard fanfiction and fanfiction authors. That is incredibly silly in my opinion.

Sure there are some bad authors on fanfiction sites – but there are some incredibly bad authors who have been published by brick&mortar publishing  houses as well.

The thing is – fanfiction actually has a tremendous amount of good authors, some are budding writers who are using it to fine-tune their writing styles, some are just using it as a stress-reliever.

As a fanfiction writer myself, I will tell you that what you get from writing fanfiction is immeasurable. Even though I had been published previously, I was still afraid to get my stuff “out there”. I am no longer afraid of that. The hundreds and hundreds of positive reviews I received from my fanfics firmed my opinion of my writing – I know there is an audience out there for my sense of humor and my writing style. Plus, I found a niche I never would have imagined myself in.

So next time you consider turning your nose up at fanfiction… think twice. You might find your niche where you did not expect it. And you are sure to find some amazing stories about your favorite characters!

Visit: The Writer’s Coffee Shop Library, where authors can post fanfics AND original stories (of any rating). Plus, they have a publishing company – so if you want to get published by an actual house… this might be the place to go.

Fanfiction.net This site has a tremendous amount of authors/stories, but it does crack down on anything adult-rated. Every once in awhile they scour through and delete stories because of that.

I know there are many out there, but those are the two I have had the most dealings with as far as posting and reading stories.

Take a chance – go check out fanfics by authors you have never heard of – you might be pleasantly surprised. If you want to write, what is easier than posting work under a pseudonym that nobody will know you by?

Come on… do it. I dare ya!