A new 45-day challenge

For those who are not familiar with it Рfor several years now there has been a social network called the Boundless Living Challenge, which emphasizes 45 days to a goal. I have participated in a few that have changed my life. Some of my goals were literal, some more ethereal, but the changes that occurred in those 45 days were astronomical. To say I am not the same person I was 4 years ago when they began would be as true as I can put it.

So, I am starting my own 45-day challenge today. While I have been publishing my works for a few years now, I have never felt as proud of what I do as I do now. I love my books and everyone who reads them gives me amazing accolades. So, I have set myself a goal.

And what is that goal?

Between now and July 31st, I will have sold over 1000 copies of my books, print and electronic combined. How will I do that? The how is up to the universe! I will follow any direction that seems right and let the universe take care of the rest!

I am excited, energized, scared, terrified and thrilled to be starting this challenge. Who wants to read an amazing book? I have a few!

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Thanks so much for your support and encouragement:)