Sci-fi, fantasy, and all that jazz

I started off in sci-fi/fantasy. I was making up fantastical tales from the time I was a child. Under my other names, I will continue to write romance, but I’m thrilled to also be going back to my roots, so to speak. Currently I’ve finished the drafts of two new […]

Coming in 2017 – Distance Reiki treatments

Reiki is a healing modality wherein an individual is attuned to be a conduit for the healing energy of the universe. I was originally attuned to level 1 in 2009, level 2 in 2010, and Master/Trainer in 2012. Even though once attuned, a person is attuned for life, I felt […]

What is having it all? #LiveYourTrueLife

We think having it all means the right house with the right job and the right partner. But that’s just the window dressing. That’s not having it all. Having it all is being true to who you are, of being able to be out and unashamed about it. Its about […]

Just a little energy work for #8sunday #YA #metaphysics #fantasy 11

Hello Weekend Writing Warriors 🙂 As usual,it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. But I thought I’d share a bit from my young adult fantasy/metaphysical novel: Tryad. ***** “Kaylee Marin Stephens! Get down from there!” my mother hissed, standing in that pose mothers the world over had perfected. Feet spread more […]

It’s time to live your true life

Whose life is this? Someone, at some time, somewhere, decided that ‘this’ is life. In our time, part of those decisions were started in the 1800s when the middling sorts started, well… meddling. We get a lot of “Don’t do this…” or “Don’t do that…” or “You must do it this […]