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Translation and localisation go hand-in-hand. For translations to seem authentic and make asignificant impact, they must be both accurate and culturally relevant to your target audience.

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Website Localisation

Website translation – your content, our words

Website translation is a uniquely challenging task that has a high degree of responsibility and a commitment to transparency associated with it. Website translation plays a pivotal role in establishing the presence of a company or an entrepreneur on an international scale in a voice that is both global and local at the same time. Website translation does not merely communicate information about the business or services in another language. It helps in building a customized brand image that ensures universal appeal and secures global reach, and also connects instantly with the local and the colloquial. 

Selling your services

Website translation is a unique discipline with its own priorities and functions as a potent sales tool, which talks directly to the target language readers in ways that make sense to them. An effective website needs to work as a sequence of messages that present your services in succinct, attention-grabbing ways, addresses your audience’s needs and concerns, and shows them that you offer a solution. When we translate website content we always bear in mind that it has a definite purpose: to persuade, to convince, and to sell.

Brand language

Successful brands have their own unique visual style and a recognisable verbal style too. This tone of voice is an essential part of how they communicate and connect with their customers. Our translators focus on the style of language when translating a website, ensuring that the tone of voice in the new language embodies the principles underlying your brand. The voice is appropriate for what you stand for in your customers’ minds as well as for the culture you are targeting.

Search engine optimisation

Search engines use the words on a website to rank it for different searches, which means it is essential that your web content includes the right keywords. Search engine optimisation is a key part of our website translation service. We first focus on establishing what the keywords should be and then on including them in the website content in the right proportion and in natural sounding ways.

Usability writing to be read online

People tend to scan across a web page to see if it is relevant to them, and will very quickly make a decision as to whether it is worth staying there or clicking somewhere else. Even when they decide to stay they tend to read fast, rarely reading all the words on a page. Our website translators understand these constraints and optimise the writing by keeping paragraphs short, using headings to indicate the flow of content, and using bullet points and numbered lists.

Adapting to local web conventions
Different countries and cultures often have different conventions for how content is organised on websites and the kinds of terminology used for particular functions. We ensure that our translators understand these local conventions so that the language is not just technically correct but also works effortlessly in the context of the new website.

Website content requires dynamic, glocalized arrangement of interconnected messages that communicate in various ways both visually and verbally. At Ulatus, we see a website as a powerful communication tool and we translate web content to elegantly convey the essence, keeping an eye on ease and speed of navigation, thereby establishing a firm presence of your brand image!

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