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The most frequently translated areas of expertise are

information technology and information systems, telecommunications, software, hardware, programming, automation, engineering, automotive, energy, electronics, lighting technology, economics, finance and banking, trade, logistics, law, marketing, advertising, printing, construction, agriculture, healthcare, footwear, textiles, plastics, and the rubber industry.








CAT Tools

Matching Knowledge

Three Procedures

Super Speed Translation

 Technological advantages of Top CAT historical corpus and glossary

Assign your files to subject experts in the filed of your files

Our translation system enforces translation, review and proofreading before delivering translations

We are a hard-working team and consider client requirements as our missions

We have specialists in over 220 areas of expertise

We translate all standard document types

Resumes/CVs Translation



For those who are relocating from one region to another will require translation of their resume/CV. Our service will not only translate the content and language, but also format it as per the target region.


For accurate book translation, our translators with knowledge of publishing process and target audiences devour the book and understand it completely to ensure highest standard of translations.

Personal Documents

Academic Documents
icon-天闕Cesium.pngWith our unwavering commitment to loyalty and quality, all personal documents are translated fast and confidentially. We can translate all types, sizes, and formats of documents such as marriage certificates, personal will, birth certificates, and more.


With an ambition to study abroad, many students are indulging themselves into international education. Our service offers translations for journal articles/thesis/dissertations, course materials, college applications, presentations, and much more.

Applications (Job Applications)

Letters /Notes


Fast and accurate document translation service for college applications while applying abroad or job applications while applying in foreign countries. Our service ensures the required guidelines are followed for translations to be official.


Business and financial letters are important in achieving a high-end output for the company. Our professional translators accustomed to financials and accounts ensure that the document is translated to the highest possible standard with linguistic accuracy and data security.




Generate articles in desired languages for making it available to a large number of people across the globe. Skilled translators with specialization in article translations ensure the quality and accuracy of the content.

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A receipt is confirmation of a successful transaction, for instance, composed affirmation of the receipt of cash, or a thing of significant worth. It is crucial for any business to understand the content of the receipts as they are majorly in regional languages. Hence, we help our clients with precise translation of receipts in any language.


Corporate Materials


In today’s world, products are often marketed internationally and manuals have become a fundamental element. To reach clients in different languages, a qualified and well-experienced team of our translators will perform quality translations on manuals, guide books and handbooks.


The corporate image and success is determined by the quality of its business and commercial documents such as brochures, flyers, offers, letters, etc. Accurate translations of these corporate materials are critical for inter-regional business. Thus, our quality translation service ensures translation of all the essential messages in these documents.

We translate from and into every major language

Our team of project managers has over 3,000 translators, proofreaders, and other language professionals from all over the world at its disposal at any time. This allows us to handle translations in a truly wide array of language combinations in an extremely short amount of time. For instance, some of these varied combinations are from English into German, from German into French, from Russian into Italian, from Czech into Spanish, and so on.

Please have a look at the list of languages that we translate:

edit-square (2).png Arabicedit-square (2).png Belarusianedit-square (2).png Bosnianedit-square (2).png Bulgarian

edit-square (2).png Chinese

edit-square (2).png Czechedit-square (2).png Danishedit-square (2).png Walloon
edit-square (2).png Catalanedit-square (2).png Flemishedit-square (2).png Estonianedit-square (2).png Dutch
edit-square (2).png Croatianedit-square (2).png Frenchedit-square (2).png Germanedit-square (2).png English
edit-square (2).png Finnishedit-square (2).png Italianedit-square (2).png Japaneseedit-square (2).png Greek
edit-square (2).png Icelandicedit-square (2).png Macedonianedit-square (2).png Mongolianedit-square (2).png Latvian
edit-square (2).png Hungarianedit-square (2).png Portugueseedit-square (2).png Romaniedit-square (2).png Norwegian
edit-square (2).png Polishedit-square (2).png Slovenianedit-square (2).png Serbo-Croatianedit-square (2).png Romanian
edit-square (2).png Russianedit-square (2).png Serbianedit-square (2).png Ukrainianedit-square (2).png Spanish
edit-square (2).png Slovakedit-square (2).png Turkishedit-square (2).png Vietnameseedit-square (2).png Swedish
edit-square (2).png Thai

Expertise for a standard price

All of our current 3,000 translators undergo a demanding selection process. Their specialized knowledge is one of the fundamental criteria when assessing their expertise, so we can continue to offer a fair price even when the text is highly specialized.

We secure certified translations

We translate and certify documents for offices and authorities around the world. The translations are carried out by court-certified interpreters, who add an interpreter’s clause to the translated text.

We use native speakers for editing and proofreading

Native speakers and specialists carry out our specialized and stylistic editing, as well as our language and pre-print proofreading. These above-standard services significantly increase the quality of translations.

We graphically adjust documents according to your needs

We frequently work with many different file formats and programs in both Windows and Mac operating systems.

We use CAT tools

To ensure the excellent quality of our translations, we use professional software programs such as SDL Trados, Transit, SDLX, Wordfast and Across. These programs provide many benefits for our customers.

We carry out express translations

We are able to translate large projects within very short time frames. In these cases, we create project teams to manage the work even within seemingly impossible deadlines.

If you would like to consult with us about using these technologies, simply request more information.

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