At Holy Translation, we have the expertise to integrate our rigorous human translation processes with state-of-the-art CAT tools to generate high-quality documents.

CAT tools refer to Computer Aided or Computer Assisted Translation tools that have been created to aid/assist the translator. Translators can improve speed and cost-efficiency, ensure consistency through a build-up of terminology databases and translation memory (TM), secure back-ups of previously translated segments or units and continuity in long-term, high volume projects through a regular update of TMs and term databases.

CAT tools are extremely useful in performing mechanical/supportive tasks such as parsing/segmenting the source text into meaningful units to be translated and suggesting terms from glossaries and corpuses. They are hence ideal for high-volume projects and for technical documents and user manuals which have reprints, revised editions, and a faster turnaround time.

CAT tools help the translator to create standardized term bases/glossaries, make the most of already existing ones, and use his/her style consistently. Features such as alignment tool, quality assurance tool, import/export function, and concordance tool can be used for specific aspects of the translation process. This ensures a more comprehensive translation, a thorough review of the document, and a more detailed analysis of diverse tasks related to new translations. CAT tools, hence, allow the translator to focus on other aspects of translation that require human intervention such as logical flow, rhetorical patterns, and pragmatic conventions, thereby facilitating a higher quality of translation.

   Advantages of using CAT tools


1. Terminology adherence
2. Time saving
Import the terminology list into the CAT tool and it notifies every time the term appears while translating.   As some sections are pre-translated (fully/partially) by the TM, time inadvertently is saved.
3. Cost saving   4. Quality control
The tool pre-translates sections already translated earlier, and the resulting cost benefit is also passed on to the client.   You can have your translation checked for correct punctuation, conversion of numbers, tags, consistent terminology, etc.

We employ a variety of CAT tools such as SDL Trados, Wordfast, Systran, and Déjà vu X, and thus cover a wide range of file formats. Combined with our in-house, customized editing tools and translation-specific communication forums, we consistently deliver high-quality translations and unmatched customer satisfaction.

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