The Holy Translation Philosophy of 4 is a unique amalgam of translation processes and editing and review procedures that guarantee superb translations by drawing on the magical power of 4: 4 different language experts, possessing 4 comprehensive sets of highly specialized skills, bringing with them 4 original and fresh perspectives that enrich and enhance the document.

1 Expert Translator


Our translator is a bilingual subject expert with highly refined comprehension skills who exercises native intuition in the production of the target text. He has at his disposal numerous translation strategies and techniques such as transposition, modulation, use of super-ordinates and hyponyms, explication and implication to produce a text that is semantically and contextually accurate. His focus is to capture and communicate the author’s intentions.

2 Expert Editor


Our editor is a target language expert who possesses in-depth subject matter expertise. He has total command of the target language, of specialized terminology, and a thorough knowledge of international publishing standards and styles. He adjusts the tone and the level of formality suited to the target language context, utilizes idioms, rich expression, and paraphrasing to successfully communicate to well-informed readers on a global scale.

3 Expert Translation checker


Our translation checker is a bilingual subject expert with equal command of both the source language and target language. He is an objective judge who evaluates the accuracy of the translated and edited text to provide the stamp of an error free translation. His forte is his meticulous attention to details that makes him adept at catching mistranslations and omissions, clarifying the ambiguities, incorporating the missed subtleties, and passing final judgement on the accuracy of the task. He is the gatekeeper who allows only the essential and the accurate to pass.

4 Expert Native Checker


Our native checker is a monolingual master who enhances the document with value-added changes, while maintaining the meaning and message in the target language. His aim is to remedy any overzealous editing or unnaturalness in the document, and remove any trace of inappropriateness and inconsistency. His focus is to sustain contextual relevance and turn the document into a precise, concise, and elegant piece of work.

The Holy Translation philosophy of 4 offers the gold standard for absolute reliability and quality. Each individual picks up on different aspects of the text, guaranteeing language translation of the highest quality, ensuring adherence to client specifications, and achieving unmatched client satisfaction.china translation company