Benefits Of In-person Interpretation

Some cases or events require the interpreter to be physically present along with all the other parties for various reasons.





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Virtual Events
Webinars & Workshops
Legal Discussions

Attract participants from around the globe and help them interact in their native languages
Conduct successful multilingual seminars and workshops in international locations or on video.

Hold multilingual virtual or in-person legal discussions with people who speak multiple languages.


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Press Conferences

Virtual Classrooms

Corporate Meetings

Communicate with foreign media persons, reporters, and/or sources accurately.

Facilitate multilingual learning for your classes or E-learning courses online.

Interact with international associates, clients, and delegates in their native languages.

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Medical Consultations

Technical Training


Ensure that your patients fully understand all the information you share during consultations.

Provide quality training in engineering, manufacturing, and other industries.

Communicate with clarity and ensure that you understand the country's laws with immigration interpreter services.

Types Of Interpretation Services
Whether you need an interpreter on-site or virtually, our interpretation services meet every possible requirement.




In-person Interpretation Services (IPI)
Over-the-Phone Interpretation Services (OPI)
Video Remote Interpretation Services (VRI)

Avail the benefits of on-site interpretation services. Get an interpreter within 24 hours - fully equipped with the necessary devices.

Reach our interpreters remotely simply by making a phone call. We support all phone/audio devices and platforms.
Get virtual interpretation services through video conferencing with just a few clicks. We support all devices and platforms.

Modes Of Interpretation

Choosing the right mode may seem tricky, so we’ve laid out all the information to help you make the right decision


Sight Interpretation

The ideal mode for any written documents such as reports, certificates, and statements in a foreign language. The interpreter delivers an oral account of the written text in a language different from the original.


Whispered Interpretation

A more discrete form of simultaneous interpreting where the interpreter whispers the message to the listener without disturbing the speaker. Useful in situations where only a single person requires interpretation in a particular language.

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Consecutive Interpretation

Most used in conferences, meetings, and large gatherings when a speaker addresses an audience, delivering a few sentences and then pausing to allow the interpreter to repeat the sentences in a different language.


Liason Interpretation

Useful in facilitating a conversation between two people like in a consultation, interview, or meeting. The interpreter holds expertise in both the languages spoken and ensures that each sentence is conveyed clearly to the other person.

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Relay Interpretatio

Best suited for settings that require interpretation in multiple languages. An interpreter conveys the speaker's message in a common language, and another one then conveys it in the target language to the listener.


Simultaneous Interpretation

The speaker delivers a message in one language while the interpreter simultaneously delivers it in the target language without any stops or pauses. This mode is widely used in formal settings like diplomatic meetings and conventions.

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