Multilingual Voice Overs For Your Global Audience

Localised scripts and recordings, sound effects, multilingual dubbing and audio and video sync that help your videos speak to a varied audience.


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Training & Development
Help your foreign audience understand the characters and plot of your films with multilingual voice-overs for animated videos, social media videos, feature films, etc.
Localise your demos and safety guidelines videos with multilingual voice-overs and make them more authentic for international audience
Maximise the reach of your marketing messages with multilingual voice-overs for your target audience overseas for advertisements and news broadcasts.

Add to the gaming experience with voice-overs that speak to gamers in a language they understand video, computer, and, app-based games.




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Free post edition, production and background music; one-stop recording, dubbing and editing services; same price, more services

Wrong/missing dubbing? Changes in text? Free further modification, worry-free services.

Audio/Video Cases

Golf Course  English-Chinese

Knife Introduction Video  Korean-Chinese

Sealing Bag   English

Company Profile  English
Company Profile  English
Company Profile  English

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