Working with corporates is always special; as it allows us to explore new technologies and processes. We constantly think of how we can service them better and how we can tailor our systems/processes to suit their needs. To build a successful long-term relationship with corporates we have introduced many technologies and processes in Sheng'ou. To maintain quality and timely delivery, we always ensure that our mission is perfectly aligned with that of our corporates.

If you are interested in exploring a one stop shop solution for all your translation needs, approach us with confidence. You can email us at or simply fill out the Contact us form.

Here how it works

 1Customized Plan
 Every corporate client gets a tailor-made arrangement, specific to their translation needs and expectations.
 2 Dedicated Manager
  2. A dedicated Account Manager and a Project Manager, who understand all your needs.
 3 Use of CAT Tools
  We constantly use Computer-Aided or Computer-Assisted Translation tools; they help in improving speed and cost-efficiency, ensuring consistency through a build-up of terminology databases and translation memory (TM).
 4 Customizable Automated Workflow integration for all projects
 Keeping track of your ongoing and past projects has never been so easy. Our proprietary Automated Workflow software helps clients place orders, see quotations, choose translators, and get invoices, all on one system! Clients can also receive live updates at every stage of the project. 
 5 Special Pricing
  We get high-volume, regular work from all our corporate clients, so it only makes sense to have customized pricing option for all of them. They are also entitled to special discounted rates for all their projects.
 6 Local language customer support
  We have local language customer support executives helping you understand better and to assist you every step of the way.
 7 Guaranteed consistency and security
  Guaranteed consistency and security of source and translated material

Case Study

Case1-Client:Sheng'ou Translation Co. Ltd.
 Client Request


“We would like to publish the Guinness Book of World Records in Chinese which contains 200,000 words within 1 month. We don’t mind the number of translators you use. However, the terminology and expressions should be absolutely consistent. Index too needs to be translated into Japanese, and then reformatted with Chinese-alphabet order.”
Given the tight turnaround time, we made a dedicated Project Management team who quickly selected 11 expert translators in the client’s field with similar prior experience. We finalized 6 from among them based on their translation tests, prior quality scores, number of years of experience, and qualification. The team quickly understood the client’s requirement well, and comprehensively communicated it to the team of translators. They created a common technical glossary to be followed by everyone to ensure absolute consistency and used a CAT tool to seamlessly implement it. At the end of the process, the 6 translators reviewed and checked each other’s work, comparing it with the original text. We had a chief translator in the process, who was made responsible for overall work quality. Through this process, we produced a file of consistently high quality. Finally, project managers checked each page number for the index and revised it accordingly, and successfully delivered the files to the client.
Client was very pleased with the output, especially given the short time, and really appreciated the measures taken by the project management team to ensure quality.

Case2-Client: A leading Chinese pharmaceutical company

 Client Request
china translation
“We want you to translate Severe Adverse Event reports that keep coming up randomly from Chinese to English and deliver them within 24 hours. The number of reports could be many (in hundreds also) but the time for all should be 24 hours. There would be follow-on reports also which would be revision to the initial report translated. So we would want you to translate only the differences in that case. We will provide you with a big list of drug names (more than 10,000). We want you to use the exact terminology every single time."
Delivering so many medical reports, all within 24 hours is no cakewalk, we realized this and quickly got into action. Having over 200 English experts and 650 expert translators globally, we were confident of timely delivery and decided to take on the project. We quickly developed a software solution for the client’s peculiar needs, which would also ensure efficient project management. We created a process flow for this project, utilizing the time difference among various countries across the world. For example, using a day translator and a night editor would put to work 2 people from different countries all within a day.
Hundreds of reports being delivered to client daily, all within 24 hours. The client was so pleased with the entire experience that they ended up calling Sheng'ou a “magical company”. It has been over a year and the project is sailing smooth.