With a continuous commitment to involving technology at every possible step, we innovate and invest. Over the years, we have tried to automate our project management system, helping clients complete their projects effortlessly. Our tailor-made Automated Workflow System is a step in this direction.

Our Automated Workflow System is our state-of-the-art proprietary software, combining client interface and project management with minimum or no human intervention. You can monitor the project from start to finish with live updates available at every stage of progress. Regardless of what translation service level you have opted for, the software is smart enough to move the project forward to the next level, until completion; all this while keeping all parties informed. We have designed a Automated Workflow keeping our clients’ requirements in mind. It is fully customizable and can accommodate different service level requirements with ease.

Using our customizable client interface, you can easily decide on project parameters at the time of start. With our focus on quality and long-term business relationship, we work very hard to find the best translators for your projects. These translators are presented to you at the start of the project, using our pre-decided translator mapping process. You have total control over the project and you can change how things progress, including the translators, at any time during the course of project.

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Why Automated Workflow is Unique

?Totally customizable and effortless to explain to your project requirement.

?No exchange of files through emails, thus enhancing file security.

?Option to choose translators at the start of the project.

?Automated email communication at every step of the project.

?Entire flow is automated from inquiry to delivery, resulting in no errors.

?You can keep a track of all past projects, thus giving you a good snapshot of your budgets.

?You have access to invoices, generated automatically by the software.

?Monitoring facility is available at every stage.