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The headquarter of Shenzhen Holy Translation Co., Ltd (Registered No.440301103708447) is on the high-tech park of Nan Shan District, Shen Zhen and near the Shen Zhen University.
Established in August of 2002, we devoted into providing the high-end translation services and localization to the customers in global; and we provided the high-end language exchange, science and technology literature, product specification and technical documents translation. Up to this day, Holy Translation has provided no less than ten billions words translation and thousands interpretation and simultaneous interpretation services.

Our service catalogue
Technical documents translation, interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, simultaneous equipment rental, foreign language dubbing and website localization translation and production. 
We bring the translation service in balance of quality and price to every corner of the word.  

At present, the translation service in global of Holy Translation has been extended to more than 30 countries. And we have sub-branch in America, German, France, Shen Zhen, Bei Jing and Shang Hai with more than 130 employees( including scores of professors, senior engineer and foreign translator). The 80% of our employees are postgraduates and returning scholars. With tens years development,Holy Translation has ranked up as the fastest growing top ten enterprises in Chinese translation line .
china translation
We have the advanced management experience and the practical, honest and enterprising group. If you need us at any time, we can proceed your project within ten minutes through the use of new generation supply chain management and network technology. We take the project leader responsibility in the period of translation, that is to say, a fixed project group will arrange to service for the long-term customer. As you all know,Holy Translation make the low-price strategy, but that is not equivalent to the same low-quality. On contrary, our translational level is in lead of this line.
If you have any question or suggestion, please send e-mail to us so that we will make progress to service you.