Translation is more than the replacement of one word in the source language with another in the target language. It is a decision-making process involving a judgement regarding every single word translated, and the best way to translate it.

Morry Sofer-The Translator’s Handbook

Translation at Holy Translation exemplifies the above mantra and this is especially true for Chinese to English—a notoriously difficult language pair in terms of translatability. Yet, this is the language pair in which we have built our reputation as a world class translation service provider.

Chinese and English are very different languages in terms of syntactic structure, and are embedded in very distinct cultural sub-stratums. Translation from one to the other requires very specific skills to work around the unique challenges on offer. Chinese has neither articles nor prepositions and relative pronouns, and the subject is often not explicitly stated and the use of punctuation is minimal. There is no future tense and no subject verb agreement. Furthermore, Chinese has three scripts each with its own stylistic usage and functionality and no spacing except paragraph distinctions. With typological dissimilarities in word order rules, differences in the logical flow of written content, in the rhetorical style, and in pragmatic conventions, it is as different from English as chalk from cheese. Yet, it is a beautifully expressive and rich language with subtleties that transform it into a highly contextualized medium of communication in which indirectness is highly valued and what is left unsaid is as stylized as what is said.

At Holy Translation, we have the expertise, intelligence, sensitivity, and flair to decode these silences, give accurate meaning to these non-specifics, and produce a text that retains the essence of the source and achieves dynamic equivalence in the target language English. The aim is not to fulfill the two extremes of metaphrase (word-for-word) translation or imitation (loose rendering of original), but paraphrase which expresses the essence of the original without being enslaved by words.

Our strengths are our translation team, our extensive subject expertise (in both technical and non-technical areas), our inhouse team of around 100 English experts, and our services all of which are grounded in this philosophy.

Our Services levels

Our service levels have been formulated keeping in mind diverse parameters such as the purpose, speed, cost-effectiveness, and quality that each client demands. Clients can select the level that most perfectly matches their requirements.

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Our translations are informed by a detailed knowledge of subject areas and relevant technical terminology, and are intelligently expressed to match the demands of a professional, well-read audience.china translation company

Our Translation Team

Our translation team comprises experts in diverse subject areas, having a minimum of five years and an average of 10.4 years translation experience. Our translators hold Masters and Ph.D. level qualifications and are part of our global network, enabling us to provide services 24×7.

翻譯公司 All our translators are hired through a stringent recruitment process and are evaluated both for their linguistic skills and their subject matter expertise.

翻譯公司 Majority of our translators (55%) are native English speakers based in the USA, UK, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and elsewhere; all have attained Level 1 and Level 2 of the Chinese Language Proficiency Test .

翻譯公司 The others (45%) are native Chinese speakers living in China, Singapore, U.S.A., Malaysia, and other parts of the world. All have scored Gold in the Test of English for International Communication or more than 100 in the Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based test or more than 600 in the paper-based test.

We handle a wide range of industry areas and our understanding of the appropriate style for each is manifested in the many areas like Pharmaceuticals, Automotives, Social Sciences amongst others.


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