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Dubbing Manuscript


With "culture, innovation, technology" as the central axis, after the change of time and space, in line with the industry focus, strict discipline and efficient execution, Shenzhen ## Electronic Company Limited has created excellent competitiveness in the printed circuit board industry, which is.



Founded in 1979, Shenzhen ## Electronic Co. Ltd at first mainly produce single-sided board. In 2000, we led in Silver Through Hole (STH) technology to produce high value-added Silver Through Hole double-sided PC board, providing customers with high quality, low cost and less polluting alternative products. In June 2004, we successfully developed the most advanced Copper Paste Through Hole (CPTH) board, which guided ## to another height. Although experiencing business change and demanding challenges, we always maintain the business philosophy of "responsibility, authorization, trust, reciprocation and effectiveness", to create brilliant performance, make the company profit steady and sustain its growth. we lead the industry and rank among the World-renowned professional Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturers.



Shenzhen ## Electronics Co., Ltd. steadily grows up, mainly because we possess six competitive advantages:  hardheaded management team, optimized human resources, internationally certificated quality, precise marketing services, world-class production scale and continuous technological innovation.



Relying on strict discipline and maneuver tactics, actual and fantasy ideas, the company's management team highlights its unstoppable executive ability. Our members have rich background of techniques and solid management experience and we think globally, devise strategies within a command tent, have insights into the opportunities and master the ever-changing market trends. In particular, we pay attention to details, because details can create miracles; we do a good job of details with enthusiasm, because enthusiasm makes details full of life; details and enthusiasm make ## achieving the impossiblity in eyes of others.



The company's human resources department has a sound human resources management system, using the regular rotation system for mid-level managements, implementing multi-tasking training system for staff to achieve the ideal of first-class talent, first-class team and first-class factory. From internal training to external training, the company forms a comprehensive education and training network to create an expected factory.



The company implements two systems of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 14001 and OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) 18001 to ensure that employees work and live in a comfortable environment. In addition to cooperation with local government and environmental organizations, our wastewater treatment, emissions, central dust collection and other categorized processing, have all reached the national standard required.



The company, with its unique corporate culture, attracts excellent talents. There are 278 new employees working for less than one year, 211 employees working for one to three years, 186 employees working for three to five years, 83 employees working for five to ten years and 42 employees working for more than a decade.


深圳##電子股份有限公司先后通過了ISO90012000版,QS9000,TS16949QC080000認證,足以證明其質量已達國際水平,極具市場競爭力。長期以來,##公司致力于推行6標準差的管理標準,透過六標準差系統管理及信賴性測試,努力朝向“質量零缺點,客戶零抱怨”的目標邁進。制程中,生產單位落實自主檢查,從IQC.IPQC.FQC.OQC都設有專業人員和設備嚴格把關,確保無誤。因此,##一直深受國內外知名公司的信賴和認同,CONTINENTAL、HITACHI、LG、LOGITECH、MICROSOFT、SAMSUNG、SONY、SYNAPTICS 、WOOREE、HELLA、隆達、EVERTOP、EVERUGHT、HP、易美芯光、KYOCERA、LUMENS等都是長期往來的客戶。

Shenzhen ## Electronics Co., Ltd. has passed the ISO9001 of 2000 version, QS (Quality System) 9000, TS (Technical Specification) 16949 and QC080000 certification, which prove that its quality has reached international level, and its products have a strong competitive capacity in the market. For a long time, ## Company devotes itself to the implementation of The Six Sigma management standards. Through the Six Sigma system management and reliability testing, the company strives towards the goal of "Zero Defect, No complaint." In the manufacture procedure, the production units implement voluntary inspection. From IQC (Incoming Quality Control), IPQC (In Process Quality Control), FQC (Final Quality Control) to OQC (Outgoing Quality Control), professionals and equipments are equipped to strictly control the quality to ensure correctness. Therefore, ## has been always trusted and approved by well-known domestic and international companies. CONTINENTAL, HITACHI, LG, LOGITECH, MICROSOFT, SAMSUNG, SONY, SYNAPTICS, WOOREE, HELLA, LEXTAR, EVERTOP, EVERUGHT, HP, SHINEON, KYOCERA, LUMENS etc. are all our long-term customers.



Promoting technology, offering caring service, ## customizes and creates different products for each customer, because preciousness comes from failure of being copied. In this way, we create a win-win solution, strengthen the close relationship between ## and partners, know clearly the differences, explore customer’s requirements, help to improve the manufacture procedure and expand the service areas of Silver Through Hole and Copper Paste Through Hole. We know your requirements clearly, so we try to work harder to allow customers enjoying low-cost, high-quality and high-performance products.



The great people will be great forever. Introducing advanced equipment and innovating the production line, ## Company continues to maintain a world-class production scale. The entire production procedure begins with laminate shear and then goes from preliminary treatment, CNC drilling, coating, exposure, printing, final shaping, etching, test, antioxidant treatment, visual inspection to packing and shipping. All the procedures exercise the highest quality of requirements and fulfill customer’ s demand of mass capacities, high quality and reduced cost, so as to handover the strongest competitive power to customers.


穩定的生產源自高效率,高性能的自動化設備,主要設備有:genesis ;2000Gerber的檔案處理系統.自動光繪排版系統.自動張網機.高精度CNC計算機鉆孔機.CCD自動定位印刷機.高細密曝光機.自動V-cut .二次元測試機.切片檢查系統.AOI高效率自動測試機.CNC Routing.自動生產線和業界先進的銀膠貫孔.銅膠貫孔設備等。與此同時,業界最先進的機械自動手臂運用在AOI自動測試機、高細密曝光機、CCD自動定位印刷機上,及AGV智能運輸小車上進一步提升生產效率,將##推向另一個高峰。

Stable production comes from high-efficient and high-performance automatic equipment. Our major equipments include: Genesis 2000 Gerber File Processing System, Automatic Gerber Typesetting System, Automatic Net machine, High Precision CNC Computer Drilling Machine, CCD Automatic Locating Printer, High Detailed Exposure Machine, Automatic V-cut Machine, Quadratic Elements Testing Machine, Slicing Check system, AOI(Automatic Optical Inspection) High-Efficient Automatic Testing Machine, CNC Routing Machine, automatic production line and industry-leading Silver Through Hole, Copper Paste Through Hole devices and so on. At the same time, the industry's most advanced automatic mechanical arm is used in AOI Automatic Testing Machine, High Detailed Exposure Machine and CCD Automatic Locating Printer, AGV Intelligent Transport trolley to further improve production efficiency, pushing ## towards another peak.


目前##銀膠貫孔雙面板的月產能可達7萬平方米,應用領域有光盤機、遙控器 、PDP、AUDIO 、汽車儀表、打印機;銅膠貫孔雙面板達15萬平方米,應用領域有SLIM 、AUDIO、鼠標、游戲機、TOUCH PAD、PDP、TV MONITOR;銅膠貫孔四層板達1.2萬平方米,應用領域 SLIM、鼠標;鋁基等LED光電板達15萬平方米,應用領域有LED TV 、LED MONITOR、LED照明、車用照明、攝像頭;

Currently, ##’ s monthly capacity of Silver Through Hole double-sided board is up to 70,000 square meters, and its application areas include: CD player, remote control, PDP, AUDIO, automobile instrument and printer; the monthly capacity of Copper Paste Through Hole double-sided board is up to 150,000 square meters, and its application areas include: SLIM, AUDIO, mouse, game machine, TOUCH PAD, PDP and TV MONITOR; the monthly capacity of Copper Paste Through Hole four-layer board is up to 12,000 square meters, and it applies to SLIM and mouse; the monthly capacity of Aluminum Base LED Photoelectric Plate and other LED is up to 150,000 square meters, and they apply to LED TV, LED MONITOR, LED Lighting, Automotive Lighting and Camera.



The company's development is inseparable from innovation and continuous technology innovation is just the premier specialty of ##.  Taking data as backing, it makes complex manufacture procedure to become simple, and takes new procedure to new heights. Innovation, make breakthrough by innovation! The application of Copper Paste Through Hole, is therefore a launched drama, and detonates the most expected index of the industry changes, making ## a new winner in the PCB market.



##'s development and its steady pace have written down a solid process:



October 2002: obtained certificate of ISO14001.



January 2003: obtained certificate of QS9000.


2003225日正式成為SONY“綠色伙伴”供應商February 25, 2003: officially became SONY "Green Partner" Supplier



In mid-March 2003: introduced the Six Sigma.



June 2004: successfully developed the Copper Paste Through Hole technology.



August 2004: put wastewater recycling system into use, with daily retrieve capacity of 1500 tons renewable industrial waste water



April 2005: obtained certificate of TS16949.


October 2005: entered the mass production field of Copper Paste Through Hole.



December 2006: obtained certificate of OHSA18001  


2008 7月:榮獲「深圳市高新技術企業」

July 2008: won the "Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprise"



April 2009: obtained certificate of QC080000.                                                      



October 2009: started mass production for Aluminum base plate.


201010: PTH投入量產

October 2010: started mass production for PTH.


2011 3月:榮獲中國印刷電路行業協會第二屆 「優秀民族品牌企業」

March 2011: Honored as an Outstanding National Brand at the second annual CPCA (China Printed Circuit Association).



October: Honored as a “State-level High-Tech Enterprise.


2012 3月:通過深圳市「能源審計」

March 2012: Passed the Shenzhen "Energy Audit".



October: Introduced VDA6.3 operating system


2013 1月起導入自動化設備,減少人力 30%光電板大尺寸投入量產,生產尺寸達1.2

Since January 2013: introduced automatic equipment, and the manpower requirements has been reduced by 30%, Lighting PCB has been put into mass production, and the panel size has reached to 1.2 M.



Looking into the future, ## Company will continue to take Quality is first and Customer is uppermost as the foundation, strengthen discipline, improve service, innovate continuously, grow up steadily, care for staff and fulfill our social responsibility.